Compliance training
made easy.

Our training platform makes meeting your training needs quick and easy.

Reduce Expenses
By using our online training resources, you reduce the costs normally associated with providing staff for your training. Travel expenses can add a substantial amount to the actual price paid for in-person training. Not requiring staff to travel for training can result in real savings.
Save Time
Online training not only results in the elimination of travel expenses, but it also means staff members do not need to be away from work for an extended amount of time.
High-Quality Training
We understand the importance of high-quality training in our industry. Our courses are designed and taught by A. J. Johnson, a nationally recognized expert in affordable housing compliance.

About AJJCS Training

The A. J. Johnson Consulting Services training platform has been designed with ease of use and security top of mind. We've taken our decades of experience in the affordable housing industry, and applied it to the creation of the most intuitive training platform in the industry.

Our courses are designed and taught by A. J. Johnson, a nationally recognized expert in the affordable housing industry. Our courses are also interactive. This means you're not only hearing from an expert in affordable housing, but you're also able to ask questions. Our platform offers you the opportunity to get solid, reliable answers directly from A. J. in real-time.

Our Training Schedule


Training Date Training Name Details Sort Date
10/06/2020 Critical Policies for Affordable Housing Projects Register 2020-10-06
09/23/2020 Management of LIHTC Projects - Basic More Details 2020-09-23
09/10/2020 Income and Asset Verification & Calculation More Details 2020-09-10
09/01/2020 Calculation & Verification of Income for Affordable Housing Properties Register 2020-09-01
08/26/2020 Preparation for Physical Inspections More Details 2020-08-26
08/18/2020 Dealing with Resident Assets at Affordable Housing Properties Register 2020-08-18