HCCP Exam Registration

The Premier LIHTC Designation

The HCCP designation, through the National Association of Home Builders, demonstrates your high level of knowledge, experience and education in the LIHTC industry. By taking and passing the exam, you are eligible to complete the experience profile and application to receive the designation.

The HCCP exam is an SAT-style multiple-choice exam with a “best answer” format. It is designed for current LIHTC professionals and you must score at least 65% to pass. The exam covers Management, Development, Compliance issues, & Section 42 policy.

Important Information

NAHB has provided documents (which you can find below) to help walk test-takers through the process. All test-takers should review those documents carefully, but here is a brief list of items that should be kept in mind:

  • The exam is being conducted via Examity, an online testing service.
  • Test-takers should register with Examity and schedule the exam about a week prior to the desired testing date.
  • There are specific technical requirements that you must meet in order to take the online exam, including (1) access to a desktop computer or laptop [tablets and Chromebooks may not be used]; (2) an Internet speed of at least 2Mbps upload and download; and (3) a working internal or external webcam and microphone.
Examination Requirements

Since this exam is being offered online, test-takers should be aware of the requirements and how the examination process works.

  • You must be alone in the room.
  • You must have a clear desk and area.
  • You must be connected to a power source.
  • You cannot have a phone with you or be wearing headphones.
  • You cannot have dual monitors.
  • You cannot leave your seat or room during the exam.
  • There is no talking.
  • Your webcam, speakers, and microphone must remain on throughout the test.
  • You may have a handheld calculator, but it may not be a programmable calculator.
  • You cannot wear a smartwatch during the exam (the proctor will ask to see your wrists).
  • You may have a pen or pencil.
  • You may have scrap paper with you which you will show to the proctor at the beginning and end of the exam session. It must be blank at the start of the exam. After the exam, you will need to show the proctor your scrap paper and then tear it up in front of your webcam.
  • Once finished with the exam, you will close out the window. The proctor will be online with you the entire time you are taking the exam and you are being recorded.
Information Packets

NAHB has provided PDFs with information about the process, including screenshots to help guide you if you need help.

1. Instructions for registering and scheduling the HCCP online exam.
2. Test-taker live proctoring guide.
3. Candidate checklist
4. Examity technical success tips.

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